Tyan OpenPOWER products and future product plans


Presentation Objectives

Invited to participate in OpenPOWER Foundation, TYAN developed the OpenPOWER reference board following the spirit of innovation and collaboration that defines the OpenPOWER architecture. In addition, TYAN contribute the associate reference design to the community. In the presentation, TYAN would like to share our value proposition to the community and reveal future product plan and associate milestones to the audiences participating in the first OpenPOWER Summit 2015.


Introduce TYAN and brief on what contribution has been made to OpenPOWER community in the past twelve months. TYAN will also share the future product plan and associate milestones to the audiences.

Speaker Bio

Albert Mu is Vice President at MiTAC Computing Technology Corporation and General Manager for Tyan Business Unit. From 2005 to 2008 he was with Intel as General Manager of Global Server Innovation Group (GSIG) with the charter to develop differentiated system platform products for Internet Portal Data Center and Cloud segments. Prior to Intel, Albert Mu was Vice President and General Manager of Network, Storage, and Server Group (NSSG) at Promise Technologies, Inc. and Corporate Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Wistron Corporation.  Prior to Wistron, he was Vice President of Engineering at Clarent Corporation and worked at CISCO, HaL Computer and MIPS Computer. Mr. Mu received a BSEE degree from National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu, Taiwan, MSEE degree from the University of Texas, at Austin and MS Engineering Management from Stanford University.


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