Teuto.net Uses Ubuntu to Bring OpenPOWER-based Systems to the Public Cloud


By Randall Ross, Ubuntu

Recently, the German IT company teuto.net, which specializes in providing hosting, cloud and web development services based on open source technologies announced they are adding more power (excuse the pun) to their OpenStack public cloud service, teutoStack Public Cloud, which had previously been built exclusively on proprietary hardware. As a long-term Ubuntu Cloud Partner, and Ubuntu Advantage Reseller, teuto.net was delighted when Canonical expanded their platform to support OpenPOWER-based POWER8 systems.

By working with OpenPOWER-based technology, fueled by collaborative innovation, teutoStack Public Cloud can deliver on growing expectations in the highly competitive cloud market. It now brings new capabilities within the reach of more companies as OpenPOWER price/performance advantage lowers the barrier for compute intensive workloads, such as analytics.

The combination of Ubuntu, Juju, and MAAS as key components in this new OpenPOWER-based public cloud offering is exciting, as it provides teuto.net customers with real choice. They can now enjoy much higher levels of performance for analytics and other resource-hungry workloads. They can also experience the benefits of higher node density, which translates to an excellent return on infrastructure spend: a smaller server footprint, lower energy costs and a more environmentally friendly business. Best of all, they can do this without changing how they work with the cloud. OpenPOWER-based technology may be under the hood, but OpenStack is still the interface, and Juju is still the service modeler.

The combination of Ubuntu with the OpenPOWER platform has also provided impressive reliability to tueto.net. The company can now easily model, provision, build, manage and support its cloud at scale. It has created the ideal platform to support its new range of cloud services, optimized to support capabilities such as analytics, where they are seeing a significant boost in memory performance.

Based on the positive response from clients, tueto.net is planning to integrate more OpenPOWER-based POWER8 servers into the teutoStack Public Cloud and eventually migrate additional OpenStack core services to POWER8 for higher performance. Customers like GRAU DATA AG, a data storage company, are already using the teutoStack Public Cloud for testing and delivering their own applications on the OpenPOWER platform with higher performance.
It is refreshing to see more and more OpenPOWER solutions coming to market every day, and all the hard work of the OpenPOWER Foundation members, including Canonical, paying off for companies like teuto.net and their customers. Ubuntu has always been focused on giving people choice and access to the best technology. Now, with OpenPOWER, we have a new and exciting way to do that.


randall.002About Randall Ross

Randall Ross is an Ubuntu Community Manager with Canonical. He is passionate about all things POWER and works to help grow the community that wants to make Ubuntu and OpenPOWER based solutions that have big impact. Randall leads the OpenPOWER Foundation’s Integrated Solutions workgroup. Prior to joining Canonical, Randall has enjoyed over 20 years working in various IT management and consulting roles to ensure that technology solutions match business needs. He has also built and manages one of the largest Ubuntu face-to-face communities in his home city of Vancouver, Canada.