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Current Documents Available for Review:

Advanced Accelerator Adapter: Electro-Mechanical Specification  – Commenting period closes October 5, 2017.

The Advanced Accelerator Adapter Electro-Mechanical Specification defines an electro-mechanical specification for advanced accelerator adapters within the OpenPOWER eco-system supported by IBM® POWER9™.

POWER9 modules present a 25Gbps interface organized into groups of 8 bit-lanes. Innovation within the community is encouraged for systems that support accelerated computing and the accelerator adapters needed to make heterogeneous / accelerated computing solutions available to the market. 

This specification covers two accelerator approaches. The first approach is a mezzanine card attached to the system planar via two connectors. This approach is defined in Part I: Mezzanine Adapter Card.

The second approach is via cable and is defined in Cabled Interface Extension. While the accelerator card form factor is not defined in this specification Part II: Cabled Interface Extension assumes a PCIe® card for illustration.

The electrical characteristics of the 25Gbps channel are defined in Part III: 25 Gbit/sec Electrical Channel.

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