Technical Steering Committee

Jeff Scheel Image

Jeff Scheel is a Distinguished Engineer in IBM’s Cognitive Systems Group and member of IBM Academy of Technology. He joined IBM in 1992 in Rochester, Minnesota with a B.S. in Computer Engineering from University of California at Davis. At IBM he has worked in Storage I/O adapter microcode, Logical Partitioning software, Linux for IBM Power Systems, and software for the Blue Gene super computer. For the OpenPOWER Foundation, he has represented IBM as a charter member of the System Software Work Group and Chair for 3 years. He was elected Chair of the Technical Steering Committee in early 2018.


The Technical Steering Committee (TSC) of OpenPOWER has been established. It is composed of the chair of each OpenPOWER Work Group as well as a delegate from each of its Platinum Members. Each member of the OpenPOWER TSC shall serve for a two-year term.

The operation of the TSC is governed by rules of process approved by the Board and led by an elected TSC chairman.

Responsibilities of the TSC include:

  • Recommending the charter of new Work Groups to the Board; including scope of work and confidentiality level;
  • Resolving technical conflicts within and between Work Groups;
  • Evaluating requests for inter-project collaboration and recommending the chartering of new Work Groups to facilitate such collaboration;
  • Monitoring the technical progress of Work groups;
  • Approving OpenPOWER Standards Final Deliverables;
  • Establishing OpenPOWER Standards Final Deliverable quality standards, technical best practices and release dates;
  • Approving changes by Work Groups to OSS Communities and OSS Licenses in the Work Group’s charter, and under section 3.5 of the Intellectual Property Rights Policy;
  • Regularly reporting on progress of Work Groups to the Board.