To submit your product(s) for OpenPOWER Ready consideration, complete the form below. All approved products are listed publicly on the OpenPOWER website.

Companies with an agreed to TMLA are entitled to use the OpenPOWER Ready mark in materials referencing or related to the approved products. To obtain and use the OpenPOWER Ready mark your company must have an agreed to TMLA.

Companies with an agreed to TMLA may be selected from the list below. If your company is not on the list below, and you do not want to sign and agree to a TMLA at this time then select 'enter a new company' and proceed to enter information about your product and company; otherwise select "Submit a TMLA".

When you select "Submit a TMLA" you will be able to review and agree to the TMLA and enter your product information. You may accept the TMLA by checking the box on this form indicating your acceptance. Or you may download the TMLA for review and signature offline, then scan and upload your signed TMLA into TMLA submission form. If you want to submit a TMLA but do not want to submit a product, you may use the TMLA-only submission form here.

Once received, OpenPOWER will forward the mark to you for your use.

If your company is not on the list below you may either Submit a TMLA, or enter a new Company

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Keywords (comma separated) to help an interested party search for this product. Note: the text included in this form (Company, Product Designator, Short Product Description) is searchable. Keywords that repeat information are not necessary. Instead, broader categories and alternate industry terms are very helpful.

Version of the OpenPOWER Ready Definition and Criteria document used for the criteria assessed: Version 1 or Version 2.

Describe how the product fulfills the criteria defined for the selected product category in the OpenPOWER Ready Definition and Criteria document. Use the "add criteria" button for each criteria assessed. Fill in the criteria being assessed under "Criteria Item". Describe how the product satisfies the criteria under "Description / Comment". For some submissions multiple criteria items are needed. For example, an IO device should have 4 or more criteria items.

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If desired an image of the product may be uploaded. This image will be included in the resource catalog entry for the product. (Allowed file types: BMP, GIF, JPEG, JPG, PNG)