Instruction Set Architecture

The Power Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) Version is a specification that describes the architecture used by POWER processors.
It defines the instructions the processor executes.

It is comprised of three books and a set of appendices.

  • Book I
    • Power ISA User Instruction Set Architecture, covers the base instruction set and related facilities available to the application programmer.
  • Book II
    • Power ISA Virtual Environment Architecture, defines the storage model and related instructions and facilities available to the application programmer.
  • Book III
    • Power ISA Operating Environment Architecture, defines the supervisor instructions and related facilities.

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  • version 3.1c 2024-05-26
    Data cleanup
  • version 3.1b 2021-09-14
    Incorporate errata.
  • version 3.1 2020-05-02
    Initial release.
  • version 3.0c 2020-05-01
    Incorporate errata.
  • version 3.0b 2017-03-29
    Initial release.
  • version 2.07b 2017-03-28
    Update specification.
  • version 2.07 2013-05-03
    Initial release.
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