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Neokylin Advanced System Virtualization Edition is specialized for enterprise data center, possessing functions like virtualization management, dynamic migration, high availability protection, load balance and energy-saving dispatching. It can increase data utilization, decrease energy consumption and breakdown rate, and improve manageability of application system. Therefore, Virtualization edition is the best strategic choice for users requesting lower cost, faster reward and free application model.

The Desktop Virtualization for Neokylin secure cloud operating system dedicates to solve problems in running desktop system, such as the difficulties in controling enterprise information scattered in desktop system, high cost but low efficiency of IT maintenance and high energy consumption. With virtualization, all the data was collected and stored into the clustered data center, to ensure the confidentiality, simplify the deployment and maintenance of hardware and software, and save a lot of electricity.

NeoKylin Linux Security OS is self-determination, controlled and high grade security Operating System software, which is based on LSM mechanism of SELinux subsystem framework, provides the privilege management function by Separation of the Three Powers, customized system security based on customers requirement. It provides the unified Security Management Centre(SMC), which supports security mode switching, the important data encryption storage, management of privilege users, personal Identification based two-factor certification, the least privilege of process, Type-Based Access Control with role, network safety protection, fine grain Security Auditing, delete the files in security, etc. It takes all-directional system safety protection for subscriber of government and enterprise.

NeoKylin Linux Advanced Server Operating System comes with several kernel-level features and power management capabilities that let you get the maximum performance from your systems. These features lead to greater performance for your critical workloads and processes. NeoKylin Linux Advanced Server provides management tools which easily to deploy database and middleware. It’s easy for the manager to monitor memory, storage and networking resources through Integrated monitor tool based on web in real time. NeoKylin Linux Advanced Server is a versatile platform that can be deployed on physical systems, as a guest on the major hypervisors, or in the cloud. It also includes a complete LAMP stack (Apache/Tomcat, PHP/Perl/Python, MySQL/PostgreSQL), file and print services (NFS, CIFS/SMB, CUPS), and authentication services (openldap, kerberos5).

Based on the HA software products of NeoKylin Server Software, NeoKylin HA Cluster Software, with three advantages of “reliable system”, “reliable data” and “reliable applic hardware and software systems and the stability and reliabilitation”, aims to achieve HA protection for business systems, improvesy of applications running, provides the anti-fault system to support the reliability requirements of the key business systems and provides users with efficient and reliable services.

Neokylin Linux Advanced Server Operating System V7 Update2 (NKAS V7U2) was developed by CS2C with years of Linux developing experience, NKAS V7U2 is a Chinese Linux Operating System with various functions, high security, easy management and high performances, catering to business performance, expansibility and performance requirements at the virtualization, cloud computing and big data times. It is based on CMMI5 standard, aimed at key business and data workload and widely deployed in physical and virtualized environment, public cloud platform, private cloud as well as hybrid cloud environment.

  • Vendor : China Standard Software
  • Date Added : 12 June 2018


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