NEC ExpEther 40G HBA


The NEC Corporation ExpEther 40G Host Bus Adapter, N8104-165, is a HBA for high speed ethernet.

The technology innovation of ExpEther expands the power of the PCI Express switch beyond the computer chassis via Ethernet without modification of existing hardware and software. ExpEther 40G devices delivers a compelling solution for real-time Big Data processing and other data center workload acceleration. It does so by enabling the connection of GPGPU, NVMe SSD, or FPGA-based accelerators via an Ethernet connection. Please visit the ExpEther consortium 

This Host-Bus adapter is used to connect the ExpEther 40G I/O Expansion Unit (N8141-80F, N8141-81F) to a host server vi an Ethernet. Please see the material of the I/O Expansion Unit.


NEC ExpEther 40G HBA

  • Date Added : 14 November 2017


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