OpenPOWER Summit 2016

The OpenPOWER Foundation announced a successful 2016 OpenPOWER Summit, building upon the great success of the Foundation’s inaugural Summit in 2015.

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The event featured speakers and demonstrations from the OpenPOWER ecosystem, including industry leaders and academia sharing their technical solutions and state of the art advancements.
OPF Summit 2016 took place at the San Jose Convention Center at the GPU Technology Conference on April 5-8 where 5,000+ attendees, including thought  leaders, technologists from enterprise and academia and key influencers from the analyst, business and trade press communities were present.
Attendees joined us to present, demonstrate, lead, network, participate, and learn about the very latest innovations, capabilities and future directions of OpenPOWER.

Summit Presentation Schedule
Wednesday, April 6
Keynote Presentations (9:00 AM – 11:00 AM, San Jose Convention Center Room 220C)

pdf-smallOpenPOWER Vice PresidentMichael DiamondOpening Session
pdf-small YouTubeOpenPOWER ChairJohn ZannosBuilding OpenPOWER Momentum
pdf-small YouTubeOpenPOWER PresidentCalista RedmondOpenPOWER Revolution in the Data Center and Ecosystems Solutions
pdf-small YouTubeOpenPOWER Technical Steering ChairJeff BrownOpenPOWER Latest Workgroup Accomplishments, and Application Initiatives
pdf-small YouTubeIBM Vice PresidentBrad McCredieOpenPOWER and the Roadmap Ahead
pdf-small YouTubeGoogleMaire MahonyCollaborating with Open Compute Project and OpenPOWER Communities to Scale Out Datacenter Solutions
pdf-small YouTubeRackspaceAaron Sullivan Soft-Hardare: The Foundation of Cloud 2.0

Summit Member Presentations (1:30 PM – 7:00 PM)

NVIDIAMichael DiamondOpening Remarks
pdf-small YouTubeOak Ridge National LaboratoryFernanda FoerrterImpact of Partner Collaboation on Scientific Discoveries
pdf-small YouTubeIBMSumit Gupta Evolution of HPC–Data Centric Systems Producing Systems of Insight
pdf-small YouTube University of MichiganBrock PalenConFlux - A Platform for Data Driven Computational Physic
pdf-small YouTubeBaylor UniversitySuhas RaoUncovering a 3D Code in the Human Genome with Power8 and GPUs
pdf-small YouTubeNVIDIAJohn AshleyProgramming Forward for NVIDIA Pascal Architecture and OpenPOWER Platforms
pdf-small YouTubeTyanAlbert MuAccelerating Innovation with TYAN OpenPOWER System
pdf-small YouTubeMellanoxScot SchultzNext Generation Performance and Scalability with Mellanox “Smart” Interconnect and OpenPOWER
pdf-small YouTubeMicrosemiStephen BatesEnabling High-Performance Storage on OpenPOWER Systems
pdf-small YouTubeJülich Supercomputing CentreProf. Dr. Dirk PleiterOpenPOWER Academia Discussion Group
pdf-small YouTubePGIDoug MilesPGI Accelerator Fortran/C/C++ Compilers for OpenPOWER+Tesla
pdf-small YouTubeNECTakashi YoshikawaResource Disaggregated Platform (RD Platform) Including Power8 and GPUs for Diverse Cloud Computing Service
pdf-small YouTubeXilinixRalph WittigPower-Efficient Machine Learning on POWER systems using FPGA Acceleration
pdf-small YouTubeBrocadeBrian LarsenOpenPOWER & Brocade vRouter Possibilities
pdf-small YouTubeLSURichard PlataniaIBM POWER8 HPC System Accelerates Genomics Analysis with SMT8 Multithreading
pdf-small YouTubeBluebeeDr. Zaid Al-ArsAccelerating Cancer Diagnostics Pipelines Using Technologies of OpenPOWER
pdf-small YouTubeStackVelocityJeff DiCorpoEnabling the Power Behind OpenPower – Introducing a New Class of OpenPower Platforms Targeted at Storage Rich Applications
pdf-small YouTubeE4 Computer EngineeringPiero AltoeHow to Build a Fully Functional Cluster Using Free and Open Source Tools for Installation, Setup, and Management of HPC Clusters Based on Accelerated OpenPOWER Servers
pdf-small YouTubeSTFC Daresbury LaboratoryDr. Mike AshworthDriving Innovation at the Hartree Centre with the OpenPOWER Architecture
pdf-small YouTubeApache BigtopNate D’AmicoApache Bigtop Overview and Bringing Big/Fast Data Components to POWER
pdf-small YouTubeAlgo-Logic SystemsJohn W. LockwoodMoving Ad Exchanges from Main Street to Wall Street
pdf-small YouTubeDRC ComputerRoy GrahamMission Critical Accelerated Applications
pdf-small YouTubeNallatechAllan CantleGuide to Heterogeneous, Accelerated, Data Centric Computing Architectures

OpenPOWER Pavilion Theater Schedule
Tuesday, April 5 (11:00 AM – 1:00 PM)

pdf-small YouTubeIBMLaurent FournierA Methodology for Ensuring Architecture Compliance with the POWER Architecture
pdf-small YouTubeIBMBruce WileInnovations in the areas of Machine Learning, Security, Video Analytics, Genomics, Big Data, and Image Processing
pdf-small YouTubeRackspaceKenneth Wilke & Adithya GangidiPower of Open(Source)BMC
pdf-small YouTubeIBMChristophe MenichetiOpen Your Big Data Solutions to Gain Insights with IBM
pdf-small YouTubeTsinghua UniversityJingheng XuA CAPI-based Preliminary Example in Seismic Migration
pdf-small YouTubeIBMTodd RosedahlMeasuring and Managing Power Consumption
pdf-small YouTubeIBMYonghua Lin and Jun Song WangCognitive Computing System on the OpenStack based OpenPOWER Cloud (SuperVessel)
pdf-small YouTubeIBMSandy WoodwardBuilding Synergy in the OpenPOWER Ecosystem Around OpenPOWER Compliance and OpenPOWER Ready


OpenPOWER Pavilion Theater Schedule
Tuesday, April 5 (5:00 PM – 7:00 PM)

pdf-small YouTubeIBMSteve FaureCustomizing Open Power Firmware for Bringup
pdf-small YouTubeIBMRafik ZurobCUDA Fortran Programming with the IBM XL Fortran Compiler
pdf-small YouTubeIBMKelvin LiOpenMP Accelerator Support for GPU
pdf-small YouTubeIBMMarcelo PerazoloAn Integrated Management Solution for Converged Infrastructures fueled by OpenPOWER
pdf-small YouTubeIBMShilpasri G BhatEnabling Instrumentation Using Programmable on-chip Components to Monitor Sensors
pdf-small YouTubeIBMJason Albert
Mehulkumar J. Patel
HTX & eCMD System Development Tools
pdf-small YouTubeIBMStewart SmithOpenPower Firmware Dev, Test, Community and Compliance

OpenPOWER Pavilion Theater Schedule
Wednesday, April 6 (12:00 PM – 2:00 PM)

pdf-small YouTubeIBMGuang Cheng LiOpenPOWER Cloud Container Service in Practice
pdf-small YouTubeIBMDr. Ruchir PuriMachine and Deep Learning on Power Systems
pdf-small YouTubeIBMShereen Ghobrial & Istvan RegulyCUDA Programming and Performance Tuning with IBM XL Compilers on POWER8 Systems
pdf-small YouTubeIBMPascal VezolleBuilding the OpenPOWER Ecosystem – POWER Acceleration & Design Centers
pdf-small YouTubeIBMJan Van LunterenProgrammableNear-Memory Acceleration onConTutto
pdf-small YouTubeIBMHeiner GiefersEnergy Efficient Transparent Library Acceleration with CAPI
pdf-small YouTubeLund UniversityJonas SkeppstedtUsing Power to Improve C Programming Education
pdf-small YouTubeSemptianEric DengAccelerator for POWER

OpenPOWER Pavilion Theater Schedule
Wednesday, April 6 (5:00 PM – 7:00 PM)   

pdf-small YouTubeIBMRalph ChristAnnouncing Hardware Abstraction Layer
pdf-small YouTubeIBMLorena Pesantez & Raj KrishnamurthyApache Spark on OpenPOWER
pdf-small YouTubeMark III SystemsAndy LinBarreleye for the Masses!
pdf-small YouTubeIBMJeremy KerrLinux on OpenPOWER: Internals, Interfaces and Integration
pdf-small YouTubeIBMRafael SeneA Full Featured IDE for C/C++ Development
pdf-small YouTubeIBMJing LiA Software Defined Bigdata Solution Built on Cross-region OpenPOWER Data Centers
pdf-small YouTubeIBMChris AustenOpenBMC, A Reference Firmware Stack
pdf-small YouTubeIBMNikolaos PapandreouLow Latency Access to Phase Change Memory in OpenPOWER Systems
pdf-small YouTubeIBMDr. Thomas RoewerConTutto is an IBM Research Configurable Platform for Innovation in the Memory Subsystem of an OpenPOWER Node
pdf-small YouTubeIBMSam PonedalOpenPOWER Developer Resources Map
pdf-small YouTubeIBM Dean SannerSecure and Trusted Boot for OpenPOWER
pdf-small YouTubeIBMRobert A. SherwoodEnabling New Market Opportunities for OpenPOWER Accelerator Solution Developers


ISV Roundtable
Thursday, April 7 (9:30 AM – 12:00 PM)       

YouTube ISV Roundtable Video, Part 1 YouTube ISV Roundtable Video, Part 2
pdf-smallCanonicalRandall Ross The OpenPOWER ISV Community is Awesome!
pdf-smallIBMYonghua LinAutoPort: Automatic tool to help porting from x86 to POWER
pdf-smallIBMLance ThompsonCAPI Building Blocks to Accerate Your Software Solutions
pdf-smallTenguThomas VanhoveTengu: Open the POWER of your Big Data
pdf-smallSkymindAdam GibsonDeep Learning for Enterprise
pdf-smallIBMRobert SherwoodOpenPOWER Ecosystem for Accelerator Solution Developers
pdf-smallIBMAlex MericasIntroduction to OpenPOWER Performance
pdf-smallRedis LabsJeffrey LeedsRedis Labs runs faster and more efficiently on Power8 Servers
pdf-smallSoftware Architect, IBM RedBooks Co-AuthorPascal PolveriniLead Cloud App Development and Business on Power
pdf-smallIBMAdriana KobylakOpenPower, the Swiss Army Knife of DevOps
pdf-smallCanonicalAntonio RosalesIdea to Implementation: Iterating Faster
pdf-small6WINDKelly LeBlancTurbo Boost NFV Performance on Power Platforms
pdf-smallRackspaceKenneth Wilke & Adi GangidiPower of Open(Source) BMC
pdf-smallOSULance AlbertsonLightning Talk: Open Source Developer/Research Facilities
pdf-smallIBMSam PonedalLightning Talk: Developer Resources
pdf-smallCanonicalRandall RossThanks and See You Soon!

OpenPOWER CAPI/FPGA LAB – Hilton Santa Clara I
Friday, April 8 (8:00 AM – 11:00 AM)    

Attendees at the very successful OpenPOWER Summit lab learned how the combination of IBM POWER8 processors, the IBM CAPI feature, Xilinx FPGA acceleration cards, and OpenCL can meet the computing challenges of next generation accelerated applications. The lab provided a hands on introduction to software acceleration and optimization using the Xilinx SDAccel development environment. The SDAccel development environment leverages the industry standard APIs and programming model of OpenCL to expose FPGA based acceleration and true shared virtual memory to application programmers without requiring FPGA architecture expertise.
Call for Attendees CAPI Lab

OpenPOWER Ready Plugfest Preview – Hilton San Carlos
Friday, April 8 (8:00 AM – 11:00 AM) 

Attendees at the very informative OpenPOWER Ready Plugfest Preview learned how products become OpenPOWER Ready. The Preview provided information on the OpenPOWER Ready process and demo test tools that have been used for a variety of I/O types. Product owners of OpenPOWER Ready products were present to share their experience. Participants experienced these products running in OpenPOWER Ready systems and got an idea of what it would be like to participate in a future OpenPOWER Ready Plugfest. This preview aimed at generating feedback from the participants to make future Plugfests successful.

pdf-smallThe Watson Lab 202 – Monday, April 4

Room 1121A:  9:00 – 11:00/11:00 – 1:00/1:00 – 3:00/3:00- 5:00

The Watson Lab 202 – Thursday, April 7

Hilton Santa Clara: 1:30 – 3:30/3:30 – 5:30                                                  

IBM Watson delivered a unique opportunity for attendees of the NVIDIA GTC Conference and the OpenPOWER Foundation Summit. Developers interested in Machine or Deep Learning benefitted from very informative sessions. IBM Watson it is a cognitive technology platform that uses Natural Language Processing, Vision, Machine and Deep Learning to reveal insights from large amounts of unstructured data. The Watson Lab 202 was a hands on experience with IBM’s Watson cognitive platform. Starting with a set of Watson services, attendees of all skill levels learned how to build apps powered by Watson, gaining experience using cognitive and deep learning technologies.
During this workshop, participants: 1) Learned about Watson and how to build with Watson technology from Watson Ecosystem experts; 2) Experienced how Watson and cognitive computing are powering applications today; 3) Were provided hands-on with Watson technology in a technical lab session.


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