OpenPOWER Ready™ Solutions Expand Growing OpenPOWER Ecosystem


By Jeff Brown, ‎Distinguished Engineer, Emerging Product Development at IBM


Continuing the OpenPOWER Foundation’s momentum, we’ve launched the OpenPOWER Ready™ program at the OpenPOWER Summit this week in San Jose. This program empowers both members and non-members to embrace and promote their OpenPOWER technology. This designation will strengthen our ecosystem of products and solutions built upon IBM’s POWER architecture, creating additional confidence for developers, builders and customers that use OpenPOWER Ready hardware and software.

OpenPOWER Ready was designed to indicate that a product or solution has met a minimum set of criteria set forth by the Foundation. The OpenPOWER Ready definition and criteria was a collaboration of several of the Foundation’s work groups and will evolve over time under the direction of a new OpenPOWER Ready work group. Part of this criteria centers around whether a product or solution is interoperable with other OpenPOWER Ready products, reinforcing the collaborative nature of the OpenPOWER ecosystem. Both OpenPOWER members and non-members can apply for the mark, which can be designated for both qualifying hardware and software. We’ve outlined the full set of OpenPOWER Ready criteria on the OpenPOWER Foundation website.

We are excited to continue to transform the data center with the OpenPOWER Ready journey. In addition to increasing confidence in existing members’ OpenPOWER-based products, we hope to inspire non-members with OpenPOWER Ready innovations to join the OpenPOWER Foundation and further grow our collaborative, open ecosystem. It is our vision that companies and other entities utilizing this mark will further solidify OpenPOWER technology as a superior alternative to other server solutions.

To see the first set of products designated OpenPOWER Ready, visit the OpenPOWER Ready homepage.