OpenPOWER INDIA Workshop 2015


Workshop Overview

The Workshop demonstrated ADG, and commercial OpenPOWER partners interest in new open technology ecosystem and their intention to play a visible role. The Workshop discussions were around OpenPOWER technologies for high-performance computing and scientific data analytics applications. The Workshop also promoted exchange of results among the India academia OpenPOWER members, enhance their technical knowledge and facilitate networking. Representatives from IBM, NVIDIA, Mellanox , IIT Bombay , IIT Roorkee , SASTRA University and JSC highlighted their contributions to the OpenPOWER foundation in terms of Power Processor, GPU acceleration and Network adapters/switches, along with development and scalability of application areas analytics using SPARK, Genomics and Translational Medicines. Other participants are CDAC ,HCL, Locuz,Wipro Sheeltron, NIT Warangal, NIT Surathkal ,VIT and Coimbatore Institute of Technology . Live OpenPOWER Tyan based system was arranged for the group members with the intent to give them an opportunity to gain familiarity with OpenPOWER system features.