New XL C/C++ and Fortran for Linux compilers

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New XL C/C++ and Fortran for Linux compilers available today (V13.1.6 & V15.1.6)


  • POWER9 technology is fully exploited and optimization improvements, for example, to the scheduler, auto-SIMDization, MASS/MASSV, allow us to deliver industry leading performance on POWER9.
  • New OpenMP 4.5 features provide further exploitation and effective programming on GPU.
  • Improved CUDA Fortran support ensures better performance for kernels, more functions and customized configurations.
  • Interoperation support among OpenMP, CUDA C/C++, and CUDA Fortran enables development of more portable applications.
  • Migration to XLC is now easy and seamless, due to adopting Clang front-end technology (Version 4.0) which provides a large degree of compatibility with GCC.

With the best overall optimization for both CPU & GPU, XL compilers are positioned as the performance-driven compiler brand on Power Systems™ to unlock your HPC & Cognitive workloads.  XL compilers are the ultimate choice to solve your massive, complex computing tasks.

No-charge XL C/C++ and XL Fortran Community Editions are refreshed with all new functionalities, and allow for unlimited production use.  Consider purchasing the License Charge Editions to obtain world-class IBM support. Visit our Marketplace pages to get more information.