Compliance TWG

The OpenPOWER Compliance Work Group will define OpenPOWER key interfaces that need to be compliant in a standard specification of compliance and define how to measure and document compliance pre-silicon and post-silicon.

Subcommittees for each set of related key interfaces will be formed to address reference test harnesses and reference test suites. This will allow for focused effort by the experts and interested members of the related key interfaces. The importance of this Work Group is to be able to maintain software and hardware interoperability through following the compliance specifications.

One of the basic documents of the Compliance Work Group is the OpenPOWER Architecture Compliance Definition Work Group Specification. The purpose of this document is to give a consistent approach to compliance under the guidance of the Compliance Work Group. The current version of the document is based on the POWER8™ systems and the POWER9™ systems and the Compliance Specifications that had been developed as of July 8, 2019. It is expected that the document be updated this year by the Compliance Work Group to include the additional compliance specifications that have been developed since 2019.

You are welcome to join the Compliance Work Group if you are an OpenPOWER Foundation member and are interested in participating in updating and developing Compliance documents.

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