Open Hardware and Software Mini Summit at the Open Source Summit North America

Monday, April 15, 2024

Seattle, US

Time: 1:00pm – 5:45pm
Location: Seattle Convention Center | Summit
Registration Cost: $15

This half day program will Introduce the audience to the many aspects of open source hardware and software development, and how it is helping the industry to accelerate beyond what Moore’s law has predicted.

Talks will cover numerous aspects of hardware / software development and provide motivation to learn more about the challenges of open hardware and software design together.


  • How can software developers help keep Moore’s law alive?
  • Open Hardware Design: Lessons Learned from OSS
  • Understanding hardware security vulnerabilities : Hardware Bill of Materials
  • Scaling hardware design: squeezing every bit of performance of the open source OpenROAD ASIC toolchain
  • Accelerating EDA Flows in the AWS Cloud
  • An Introduction to RISC-V
  • Accelerating the RISC-V Software Development Ecosystem
  • Caliptra: open source Root of Trust
  • Getting “Ware” You Need to Go – Managing OpenPOWER Hardware with Software (Part 1)
  • Getting “Ware” You Need to Go – AI Software on OpenPOWER Hardware (Part 2)