OpenPOWER and AI Workshop Redefining Edutech

Spend a day learning about Artificial Intelligence and gather the latest insights from pioneers in the industry, leveraging the POWER9 systems also used in the world’s largest supercomputer.

  • Learn about POWER9/OpenPOWER systems
  • Discover advances in deep learning tools and techniques
  • Learn how to use OpenPOWER systems and PowerAI tools to do your AI projects
  • An introduction for everyone interested in using AI
  • Go deeper with those who have especially challenging projects


10:00-10:30: Registration and Introductions
10:30-11.15: OpenPOWER and AI features
11:15-12:00: PowerAI Use cases and Watson Machine Learning Accelerators
13:00-14:00: Edge Computing Use case I
14:00-15:00: Edge Computing Use Case II
16:00-16:30: Q and A, way forward