Emerging Memories Accelerate Database and Analytics in Cloud Datacenters



A once-in-a-generation shift in high performance computing architecture is on the horizon, with the commercialization of new memory technologies. These emerging memories (MRAM, RRAM, PCRAM, 3D Xpoint) promise ideal combination of speed, endurance, persistence, and energy efficiency – and are driving an entirely new approach to systems design.
The speaker will lead the audience though a detailed analysis of embedded memories, existing and future, and will articulate the impact of these new memory types on server processor architectures and application software for future datacenters and IoT.
Key takeaways:
o Landscape for existing embedded memory technologies, limitations, timelines
o Emerging memory technologies (MRAM, RRAM, PCRAM), opportunities, limitations, timelines, and who is doing what
o Changes in future server processor architectures and applications – purpose built for emerging memories
o Impact of emerging memories on cloud datacenters

Speaker Bio

Dave Eggleston is the Vice President of Embedded Memory at GlobalFoundries, which he joined in 2015. Dave has responsibility for the embedded volatile and non-volatile memory businesses at GlobalFoundries, as well as the related strategic direction and initiatives. Dave is the former CEO and President of Unity Semiconductor, a RRAM industry pioneer acquired by Rambus. He has held technical executive management roles at Rambus, Micron (where he built and spearheaded the NAND systems engineering organization), SanDisk, and AMD. He holds 28 patents in NAND flash and next-generation ReRAM memory, storage system usage, and high volume manufacturing. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of two NVM start-up companies. He received his MSEE from Santa Clara University and his BSEE from Duke University.