China POWER Technology Alliance (CPTA)



The objective is to position China POWER Technology Alliance (CPTA) as a mechanism to help global OpenPOWER Foundation members engage with China organizations on POWER-based implementations in China.


OpenPOWER ecosystem has grown fast in China Market with 12 OPF members growth in 2014. China POWER Technology Alliance was established in Oct. 2014, led by China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), in order to accelerate the speed of China secured and trusted IT industry chain building, by leveraging OpenPOWER Technology. This presentation is for the purpose of linking up CPTA and OPF global members, to help global OPF member to use CPTA as a stepping stone to go into China market. This presentation will focus on explaining to the global OPF members WHY they should come to China, and above all, HOW to come to China, and WHAT support services CPTA will provide to the global OPF members. It’ll also create a clarity between CPTA and OPF in China, for OPF members to leverage CPTA as a (non-mandatory) on-ramp to China.


Zhu Ya Dong (to be confirmed), Chairman of PowerCore, China, Platinum Member of OpenPOWER Foundation

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