Spotted owls and OpenPower

This post was originally published by IBM.  The U.S. Forest Service and Oregon State University’s department of Fisheries and Wildlife has monitored northern spotted… Read more

Scaling-up Apache Spark

By Ahsan Javed Awan, Research Associate, Imperial College London I recently completed my doctoral thesis, in which I characterize the performance of in-memory data… Read more

Redefining the Developer Event

By Randall Ross, Ubuntu Community Manager with Canonical (04.13.17) We’ve all been to “those other” developer events: Sitting in a room watching a succession… Read more

IIT Bombay OpenPOWER Meetup

About 25 participants came to attend the OpenPOWER Meetup in IIT Bombay. We had the following groups: IITB (4 groups), VIT Pune one group (working… Read more

Join the SC16 Treasure Hunt!

Calling all Treasure Hunters! We’re going to give you a chance to be a part of the OpenPOWER Revolution – but you’re going to have to… Read more

The Revolution Comes to Europe!

By Amanda Quartly, OpenPOWER Alliances Europe, IBM The only constant to being involved with the OpenPOWER Foundation is change and innovation, and there is… Read more

The Next Peak in HPC

National Center for Computational Sciences Oak Ridge National Laboratory Oak Ridge, TN, USA Abstract Hybrid CPU+GPU architectures are a response to power limitations imposed… Read more

On Chip Controller (OCC)

Objective Demonstrate POWER processor and memory capabilities that can be exploited using open source OCC firmware. Abstract The On Chip Controller (OCC) is a co-processor… Read more

HPC solution stack on OpenPOWER

Introduction to Authors Bin Xu: Male, IBM STG China, advisory software engineer, PCM architect, mainly focus on High Performance Computing and Software Define environment.… Read more

NVIDIA Tesla Accelerated Computing Platform for IBM Power

Abstract Learn how applications can be accelerated on IBM Power8 systems with NVIDIA® Tesla® Accelerated Computing Platform, the leading platform for accelerating big data analytics and scientific computing. The platform combines the world’s fastest GPU accelerators,… Read more

Enabling Coherent FPGA Acceleration

Speaker: Allan Cantle – President & Founder, Nallatech Speaker Organization: ISI / Nallatech Presentation Objective To introduce the audience to IBM’s Coherent Attached Processor… Read more

Accelerator Opportunities with OpenPower

Abstract The OpenPower architecture provides unique capabilities which will enable highly effective and differentiated acceleration solutions.   The OpenPower Accelerator Workgroup is chartered to develop… Read more

Advancing the OpenPOWER vision

Abstract It’s been nearly a year since the public launch of OpenPower and the community of technology leaders that make up our community have made… Read more