Building an Open Trustworthy Stack: Vereign at OpenPOWER Summit Europe

Published on Friday 2 November 2018


By: Georg Greve, co-founder & president, Vereign

I was fortunate enough to speak at this year’s OpenPOWER’s European Summit on behalf of Vereign, a solution to seamlessly add self-sovereign identity, authenticity and privacy to any kind of application or service. My presentation “Identity, Authentication and Privacy for 4 Billion People” covered how this solution will resolve the issues affecting email users today.

Email is the most important communication network on the planet. Used by nearly four billion users, transmitting 281 billion messages a day, it is far larger than any social network or messenger platform to date. Email is also the only platform that is not under the control of a single vendor. In short: email is part of the lifeblood of business and personal communication. But it has also become rife with malware, with more than 92% of all cyber attacks conducted via email, including identity theft and business email compromise.

Vereign offers the solution: a global self-sovereign identity and personal data under user control. Verified identity, message authenticity and privacy make email not only the largest, but also the most social communication network. Vereign upgrades email to being the most reliable and authentic communication method, seamlessly upgrading existing providers, platforms and solutions. This has become possible on a purely open, trustworthy stack built on OpenPOWER.

Vereign will go into production next year, but you don’t have to wait to try it out for yourself. There is a public beta coming that will be limited in numbers at first. Join to get early access and learn more at