Students Participate in the AI4Good Hackathon at OpenPOWER Summit Europe 2018

Published on Monday 22 October 2018


By: Ganesan Narayanasamy, OpenPOWER leader in Education and Research, IBM Systems

AI4Good Hackathon at OpenPOWER Summit Europe 2018

OpenPOWER Summit Europe 2018, held earlier this month in Amsterdam, was an excellent opportunity for attendees to learn, collaborate and practice their skills.

During the Summit, we hosted an AI4Good Hackathon. AI4Good empowers participants to use their coding skills to help others. In our case, teams competed to build predictive machine learning and deep learning models to help detect the risk of lung tumors.

Nine students from the New Horizon College of Engineering in India participated in the hackathon and placed second in the competition. They each shared feedback on their experience:

  • Anirudh Pachangam: “The OpenPOWER Summit conducted at the RAI, Amsterdam was an amazing convention about artificial intelligence.”
  • Mithun Venkat: “This Summit gave me a lot of opportunities to explore the domains of machine learning and artificial intelligence.”
  • Sanjana Ranjan: “It was fascinating to see various different companies with different backgrounds use AI and Deep Learning in order to help them ease their work and make it more efficient.”
  • Shashaank KP: “There were many startups / companies which had come up with great ideas.”
  • Chandan Kumar V T: “We got to participate in the AI4Good hackathon where the challenge was to detect tumour cells or locations in the lung based on the image of the MRI scan.”
  • Denzel George: “It presented an opportunity for me and my colleagues to learn more about the leading development in the field of Deep Learning, AI and many other fields.”
  • Nikhil Riyaz: “We used TensorFlow to train a segmentation model based on documentation available on GitHub and and achieved a commendable accuracy.”
  • SHUBHA A: “I was surprised to see how data plays a crucial role in training a machine and the importance of the data collection. The Summit made me believe that AI is the booming future technology.”
  • Bhavana Savanth: “The Summit had a surge of ideas that catalyzed our understanding of these domains and also included the presentation on the world’s most beautiful super computer, MareNostrum 4 in Spain.”

Congratulations to all students who attended OpenPOWER Summit Europe and participated in the AI4Good Hackathon!