Skymind: Machine Learning from Notebooks to Production

Published on Friday 15 December 2017


By Adam Gibson, Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Skymind

The world of artificial intelligence is developing at an ever-increasing pace.

At Skymind, our mission is to make deep learning simple and accessible to enterprises. We’re tackling some of the most advanced problems in data analysis and machine intelligence and building AI systems for enterprises allowing them to build and deploy neural networks at a large scale.

We’ve built the Skymind Intelligence Layer (SKIL), a software distribution for powering AI clusters. We provide the ability to bridge data science workflows to production deployments with production grade monitoring, scheduling and integrations needed to connect to enterprises’ different data workflows. This allows for the easy deployment of TensorFlow and other deep learning frameworks into production environments. We’re also the company behind deeplearning4j, an open-source, distributed, deep learning library for the Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

Our current focus is to scale our product portfolio on top of SKIL, allowing enterprises to put AI to use and reap its benefits without worrying about deployment within specific verticals, like financial services, health care and robotics.

Skymind and OpenPOWER Foundation

We decided to join the OpenPOWER Foundation to press innovation in hardware and AI. Joining the group will enable us to provide more powerful AI solutions and allow the production use of tools like NVLink. Deploying AI solutions on Spark and on Power will help us advance even further.

To learn more about Skymind, visit our website or follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


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