OpenPOWER Foundation and Community Members to showcase at SC22 Conference in Dallas, TX!

Published on Thursday 10 November 2022


Next week, OPF will be exhibiting at the SC22 conference in Dallas, TX.

OPF will be showcasing our LibreBMC project and talking about all things open hardware and software. The best part is that we won’t be alone, as we have a number of OPF community members and partners showcasing at our booth as well, including Open Compute Project, Axiado, Raptor Computing, Oregon State University, and TORmem.

Our friends at Open Compute Project, will be sharing OPF’s booth to showcase the breadth of open hardware solutions including the DC-SCM project, which decouples controllers and hardware resources to enable modular server management on a common form factor. OPF has adopted OCP’s DC-SCM specification for use within OPF’s own LibreBMC SIG, and has been participating within OCP’s workgroup to drive the technical roadmap and adoption of the standard. We look forward to continued collaboration between our communities, especially through hardware/software co-design initiatives and workgroups.

Axiado, an AI-enhanced hardware security company based in San Jose, CA, and the newest Silver member to the OpenPOWER Foundation, will be sharing our booth to showcase their latest security solution.

Axiado’s will be demoing their datacenter-ready secure control module (DC-SCM) Smart SCM solution, which was inspired by OpenPOWER’s very own LibreBMC project!

We recently shared OPF’s booth at the OCP Global Summit and are excited to once again share our booth with Axiado at SC22!

Another OPF Silver member, Raptor Computing, will be showcasing at our booth. Raptor is a US-based ODM for secure, owner-controlled computing solutions. They are involved in a number of initiatives here at the Foundation and will be showcasing their own Kestrel OpenPOWER-based soft BMC solution.

OPF has also recently stood up the OPF HUB SIG, which the very talented team at Oregon State University open source lab is leading.

The OSU open source lab is a nonprofit organization working for the advancement of open source technologies, and provides hosting for more than 160 projects, including those of worldwide leaders like the Apache Software Foundation, the Linux Foundation and Drupal.

The OPF HUB provides POWER based hardware and software resources for the purpose of porting, converting, and maintaining open source resources to be enabled on OpenPOWER solutions.

OSU will be at the OPF booth demoing the HUB and how one can request and utilize their openPOWER resources.

Finally, we will be sharing our booth with TORmem, a new startup focused on bringing innovative disaggregated memory technologies to market that will enable new applications, new computing system designs, and vastly improved cost efficiency and performance for customers from enterprise to hyperscalers.

TORmem’s solution utilizes the latest in open memory solutions including CXL and OpenCAPI’s Open Memory Interface solution.

We have a full house of innovative member companies and partners at our SC22 booth #3139 this year, so if you are heading to the event, please stop by and say hello!


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