OpenPOWER Summit 2022 NA pivoting to webinar series

Author : James Kulina

Published on Thursday 13 October 2022


The OpenPOWER Foundation has decided to pivot from our single day “OpenPOWER Summit” event to a webinar series.

The benefits of this new format are as follows:

  • Flexible format
  • Expanded engagement
  • Increased cadence
  • Community driven topics

Over the last month, I have been speaking with members of our community and our Board about the OPF Summit event.
The feedback has been to develop focused webinars that target community developments across hardware, software, and systems.
This approach aligns with our open source community needs.

Our new webinar series will provide OPF the ability to continuously highlight the great work our community is doing, in a way that will bring increased engagement into OPF workgroups, projects, and initiatives.
We want to create webinar series that are accessible, simple, and community focused to provide our community an effective channel in which to highlight their achievements.

These new webinars will occur at regular intervals, will have open CFPs for topics in advance for our community, and be streamed to multiple platforms to cover the widest audience.

We are opening up the CFP for our first webinar now. Please submit your topic and ideas for content. If you have questions, please feel free to connect with us on our Slack channel or discussion forum.

James Kulina Executive Director, OpenPOWER Foundation


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