OpenPOWER Foundation Members Collaborate on Liquid Cooling for HPC

Published on Wednesday 6 March 2019


By Ganesan Narayanasamy, senior technical computing solution and client care manager, IBM

New to the OpenPOWER Foundation, Open Computing Singapore provides High Performance Computing (HPC) products and solutions for the power architecture. They work closely with data centers, government agencies and enterprises across the Asia Pacific region.

Through joint research collaboration, Open Compute Singapore and fellow OpenPOWER Foundation member National University of Singapore’s School of Engineering - Centre for Energy Research & Technology (CERT) developed a world-class liquid cooling system used for data centers and HPC servers. Liquid cooling has been on the rise as workloads have increased, particularly due to artificial intelligence and machine learning applications. Open Computing Singapore’s liquid cooling system has several applications including:

  • Monitoring mission-critical Data Center temperatures
  • Air-flow management
  • Sensor detections for water leakage sending out alerts and notifications


What’s up next for Open Compute Singapore? Check them out at this year’s SC Asia 2019.