Join the SC16 Treasure Hunt!

Published on Friday 11 November 2016



Calling all Treasure Hunters!

We’re going to give you a chance to be a part of the OpenPOWER Revolution – but you’re going to have to earn it. Guided by our clues, we’ll show you the latest advancements and applications on the OpenPOWER platform.

Use what you discover to solve any three of our five clues below!

Once we verify your answers we’ll reward you for your efforts with a FREE custom designed OpenPOWER T-shirt to serve as a wearable trophy for your successful completion of our Treasure Hunt!

openpower-tshirt-full-mockup-v3cHere is your first clue!

To solve this clue, watch this new video showcasing how OpenPOWER members Kinetica, NVIDIA, and IBM are helping retailers analyze data faster than ever before!

To solve this clue, tell us how much faster Kinetica runs on the IBM-NVIDIA system in the Google Form!

You’re on your way! Recognize NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang? He has the key to the next clue!


Read NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang’s blog post, the Intelligent Industrial Revolution, and answer the question in the Google form below!

According to NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang, what is IBM’s new POWER8-NVLink server designed to bring?

Almost halfway there! Here’s the third clue in the #HexMarksTheSpot Treasure Hunt!

Hounding for the solution? Visit to try out the OpenPOWER Dog Identification Demo using GPUs! Share a screenshot of your ID’d dog on Twitter using the hashtag #HexMarksTheSpot to complete this clue!

Want to learn more about how deep learning on OpenPOWER and how the demo works? Visit our blog post, Deep Learning Goes to the Dogs.You’re solving this Treasure Hunt so fast you’re making Captain Jack Sparrow jealous! Here’s your fourth clue.


The answer also can be found in OpenPOWER advocate Sumit Gupta’s blog post, “IBM turns POWER HPC momentum up to 11!”

After reading it, use the Google form to tell us how many of Intersect360’s Top 10 HPC Applications are currently supported on OpenPOWER!

Can you see the Hex yet?! Here is your Final Clue!


See what the possibilities are by reading about the new PowerAI Deep Learning package here:

Tell us three of the deep learning distributions supported by the new package in the Google Form.

That’s it, you did it! Complete the Google Form below, including your shipping information. Once we verify your answers, we’ll let you know your a winner and send your t-shirt! Please allow 5-10 business days for processing and shipping.



Share your Treasure Hunt progress with the hashtag #HexMarksTheSpot!