Call for Papers: International Workshop on OpenPOWER for HPC

Published on Friday 13 April 2018


In collaboration with the ISC High Performance Conference, the OpenPOWER Foundation is organizing the third HPC workshop in Frankfurt, Germany.

These workshops have always been a place for experts from different scientific and engineering background to come together and identify common ground and discuss how they are using OpenPOWER technologies.

The organizers from Oak Ridge National Lab (ORNL) and Juelich Supercomputing Centre are calling for papers describing the latest advances in OpenPOWER.

These papers should address challenges in system architecture, networking, memory designs, exploitation of accelerators, programming models and porting applications in machine learning, data analytics, modelling and simulation. Early experience using IBM POWER9 processors and NVIDIA Volta GPUs are of interest.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Porting applications experiences to OpenPOWER nodes to exploit its HPC and data analytics capabilities
  • Designs and use models for GPU and FPGA-accelerated applications
  • Co-designing the HPC software stack
  • Programming models for HPC and data analytics,
  • Tools eco-system to improve productivity on OpenPOWER architectures
  • System architectural choices
  • Low level communication APIs, I/O frameworks
  • Runtime environments and schedulers
  • Power-aware computing and power optimization studies for OpenPOWER
  • Benchmarking and validation studies on OpenPOWER architectures

If you are interested in having your paper submitted, the deadline is April 22, 2018.  All contributions are planned to be published in the ISC'18 Joint Workshop Proceeding Volume.

Papers should be uploaded here.


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