IIT Bombay OpenPOWER Meetup

Published on Monday 10 April 2017


About 25 participants came to attend the OpenPOWER Meetup in IIT Bombay. We had the following groups: IITB (4 groups), VIT Pune one group (working on Deep learning on GPUs), RAIT Navi Mumbai one group (working on fractional calculus), DJ Sanghvi Mumbai One group (working on embedded supercomputing and image processing).

The IITB groups presented their work on CAPI, Remote satellite image processing and HPC, Cryptography and HPC, Global Optimization and Robust control (HPC), Deep learning (using Caffe) for Jet engine modelling, etc.

Visit http://www.oprfiitb.in/ to get access to the OpenPOWER research cluster for your research activities.