IBM Portal for OpenPOWER launched for POWER series documentation, system tools and development collaboration

Published on Thursday 30 March 2017


By Andy Pearcy-Blowers, OpenPOWER Applications Engineer and IBM Portal for OpenPOWER Co-Lead & Luis Armenta, Sr. SI Engineer, Project Manager and IBM Portal for OpenPOWER Lead

This week, OpenPOWER member IBM launched its new website, the “IBM Portal for OpenPOWER”. The IBM Portal for OpenPOWER was developed to provide a central location for documentation on Power Systems servers. The IBM Portal for OpenPOWER gives users the ability to quickly find material of interest, including but not limited to: Users’ Manuals, Datasheets, Reference Design documentation, Firmware Training, and more, to foster innovation in developing around POWER.

This new portal replaces IBM Customer Connect’s OpenPOWER Connect space that OpenPOWER Members and other OpenPOWER interested parties may have used in the past.

Throughout 2017 additional functionality and applications will be deployed to the IBM Portal for OpenPOWER. Examples of functionality improvements include enhancements to the: search function, social tools, documentation repository and subscription tools.  Examples of application implementations include a new Collaboration Center, System Tools, Issues Management and more.   The Collaboration Center will provide OpenPOWER partners, during development with IBM, the ability to: securely share files, screen share, track milestones and more.  The System Tools application will provide entitled OpenPOWER partners the ability to: download tools like HTX, Cronus, HSSCDR & more to use while developing and verifying their system design.  The Issues Management application will allow any user the ability to submit questions, issues and requests for support to IBM.

To visit the site and start developing around POWER go to:​.