Express Ethernet Technology Solves for Big Data Variances

Published on Wednesday 23 January 2019


Featuring OpenPOWER member: NEC

By: Deepak Pathania­­­­­, Senior Technical Leader, NEC Technologies India

I recently had the honor of speaking at the 3rd OpenPOWER Academic Discussion Group Workshop. I spoke alongside more than 40 other developers and researchers on my work with NEC.

My session focused on how at NEC, we explored solutions to common problems of two types of remote capabilities including ubiquitous computing and IoT solutions. Our solution was to extend the PCLe switch for Ethernet and in doing so, we discovered a new way of looking at connecting multiple PCLe devices remotely.

The Problem: Variances of Big Data

Accelerators allow for real-time results for analytics, however there is a problem with having an interconnect that connects all architects together. This can result in lower accuracy in values. Another part of this problem is the high demand of Big Data. Not only is there a high demand of analyzing this data,  but results are wanted in real-time.

The Solution: Express Ethernet Technology

Express Ethernet is the PC extension of Ethernet, which removes the PCLe slots out of the computer and extends it over Ethernet. This eliminates performance lag, giving the user two capabilities: distance and switching. Distance allows the user to extend connection over two kilometers and the switching capability allows for alternating between different types of hardware, all without the need to modify existing hardware or software.

In summation, the Express Ethernet system allows us to have the next generation computer hardware architectures because the system:

  • Allows distance or length with dynamic switching capability
  • Provides same or similar performance of local versus remotely located IOs
  • Moves within the chassis devices outside with plug and play ability
  • Makes legacy devices useful and cost-effective system realization

To learn more about Express Ethernet technology and the work being done at NEC, view the full video session and presentation below.


PCI Express switch over Ethernet or Distributed IO Systems for Ubiquitous Computing and IoT Solutions from Ganesan Narayanasamy