OpenPOWER Ambassadors Program
Are you (or someone you know) passionate about OpenPOWER? Here is your chance to get involved!
Ambassadors build bridges between the OpenPOWER world and those who have yet to discover it.  Ambassadors are people that can speak with the confidence, enthusiasm, and wisdom to instill the vision of a bold, new, open computing paradigm. You’ll know you’re in the presence of an Ambassador when you see people’s eyes “light up” as they speak the virtues of OpenPOWER.
Do you think you have what it takes? Please send an email to:

<[email protected]>

Introduce yourself. Tell us why you’re passionate about OpenPOWER. Tell us where you’d like to help take the platform.
In return, we’ll send you more information and the full briefing that describes the program’s benefits and obligations. Not sure if you’d be a fit? We’ll happily respond to any questions that will help you decide.
Thanks and we’re looking forward to hearing from you!
The OpenPOWER Ambassador Support Team.

For additional background, the OpenPOWER Ambassador Program was presented at OpenPOWER Summit Europe 2016. You can watch the replay here: