OpenPOWER Ambassadors Program

What: First OpenPOWER Ambassador Program “Birds-of-a-feather” Meeting
When: Thursday 11/17 2pm-3pm
Where: SC16, Salt Lake City, UT at the Marriott Grand Ballroom, Salon B

Will you be at SC16 in Salt Lake City? Please join Randall Ross (from Ubuntu) and other “OpenPOWER Rebels” to discuss and help refine the OpenPOWER Ambassador Program before it goes live this December. We will be gathering folks that are passionate about OpenPOWER and that are interested in becoming Ambassadors, or in helping to shape the program. The OpenPOWER Ambassador Program was announced at OpenPOWER Summit Europe, a video of which is available here:

Looking forward to seeing you all at SC16!

The OpenPOWER Ambassador Program can be reached at <>

“Coming soon, we will unveil a new program designed to give OpenPOWER supporters the resources and information they need to spread the word and create even more enthusiasm for the OpenPOWER platform.

Please watch this page for updates and further details.”