OpenPOWER Ready Mark

The OpenPOWER Ready™ is a mark used by the OpenPOWER Foundation to enable ecosystem product developers to indicate their product has been shown/demonstrated to meet a minimum set of characteristics and should be interoperable with other OpenPOWER Ready products. The mark attests that a specific component satisfies the criteria defined in a specific version of the OpenPOWER Ready Criteria Document.

OpenPOWER ecosystem participants who have items or products they are interested in marking should follow the steps below to use the badge. Other elements of the entire OpenPOWER platform solution which do not fit into the current criteria are all invited to self-confirm and deploy the OpenPOWER Ready badge.

If you’d like to submit a Trademark License Agreement (TMLA) and your Ready product to be considered for display on our list of products, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Ready Product and TMLA submission form.
  2. On this form you’ll be able to agree to the TMLA terms and submit product details.
  3. There are additional instructions on this page for how to submit product details, or submit a signed TMLA if you require offline signature.

Combined with an OpenPOWER Foundation membership, companies and other entities can make a strong statement about their support of the OpenPOWER technology as an alternative to other server solutions. Entities providing products that are OpenPOWER Ready are encouraged to join the OpenPOWER Foundation.

A list of the OpenPOWER Ready entries may be found at the OpenPOWER Ready Catalog.

OpenPOWER Ready Mark