Board of Directors

Artem Ikoev, Chair, OpenPOWER Foundation

Artem Ikoev, Chair


Artem Ikoev is co-founder and technology visioner of YADRO Company. Artem serves the role of CTO and he is responsible for company technology strategy and product development. He manages software & hardware engineering and product teams in total of 160+ employees and demonstrates strong leadership and encourages talents for continuous technology disruption. Prior to YADRO Artem held a number of technical & business development positions in international companies with overall 20 years industry experience.


Mendy Furmanek, President


Mendy Furmanek is the IBM Director of OpenPOWER Processor Enablement where she drives IBM partnerships in chip development as well as OpenCAPI partner enablement. Mendy received a BSEE with a double major in Electrical/Computer Engineering and Computer Science from Duke University in 2001. She also studied at the University of Madrid for her Spanish degree and the University of Queensland as part of her BSEE. She first joined IBM in 2000 as a design and verification intern on POWER4 and has been part of the IBM processor development team ever since. Mendy’s expertise is in pre-silicon verification and led the development of a premier multi-hundred global verification team responsible for POWER, Z, and IBM System ASICs. While focused in verification she has experience across all aspects of chip development. She managed the overall delivery of POWER8 and then moved to her current executive role in OpenPOWER at the end of 2015. Concurrently with becoming President of the OpenPOWER Foundation in 2019 Mendy led the opening of the POWER Instruction Set Architecture (ISA). Mendy has a passion for the open hardware movement and is excited about the opportunities it presents for the industry.


Tim Ansell, Director


Tim ‘mithro’ Ansell is a software engineer at Google and has been developing open source software for 20+ years. Tim has recently started trying to shake things up in the hardware accelerator development ecosystem by removing roadblocks to having a completely open ecosystem. Recently he worked with SkyWater Foundry to release a fully open source, manufacturable PDK for their 130nm process node and is funding a free shuttle program for open source designs. He has also contributed to projects in the open EDA ecosystem like OpenROAD, OpenRAM, Magic and many others.

James Huang, Director

Inspur Power Systems Co., Ltd

James is the Deputy G.M. of Inspur Power Systems Co., Ltd, which is a joint venture between Inspur(51%) and IBM(49%). At IPS he leads OpenPOWER product planning, development, supply chain management and after-sales service. Since the JV opened in 2018, IPS has successfully developed a rich OpenPOWER product portfolio and achieved great market success in China. James has worked in server system design for Inspur more than 20 years, skilled in high-end server architecture design and UEFI BIOS, BMC firmware development.


Timothy Pearson, Director

Raptor Computing Systems

Timothy has worked in multiple areas of high performance systems design over the past 15 years, from hardware / firmware to kernel and application development, with a strong emphasis on open solutions and system security. In his time at Raptor he has been heavily involved in the inception and creation of the Talos and Blackbird lines of secure, owner-controlled OpenPOWER machines, along with the FlexVer remote attestation technology.


Sameer Shende, Director

University of Oregon

Sameer Shende serves as the lead developer of the TAU Performance System, Program Database Toolkit (PDT), HPCLinux, and Extreme-Scale Scientific Software Stack ( His research interests include performance instrumentation, measurement, and analysis tools for HPC. He has extensive experience working on the OpenPOWER platform. He has recently been appointed the Level 4 lead for the Exascale Computing Project (ECP), Programming Models and Runtime (PMR) SDK area at the University of Oregon where he is leading the effort to provide ECP Software Technology (ST) products in a container environment for HPC. He has served as the the chair of the Performance Measurement, Modeling, and Tools track at SC17 and the co-chair for the technical program at the ICPP 2017 conferences.

James Kulina

James Kulina, Executive Director

OpenPOWER Foundation

James is Executive Director of the OpenPower Foundation, with over 10 years of open source experience across hardware, software, and network engineering disciplines. James brings a passion for open source and is committed to growing OpenPower Foundation’s membership, community, and ecosystem.

He is a serial entrepreneur with a background in enterprise technology and has worked in roles spanning operations, business development, product management, and engineering.

Previously, James was co-founder and COO at, an open source cloud-native virtualization startup acquired by Ant Financial. Prior to that, he led product management in Red Hat’s OpenStack group, and was a product lead on AT&T’s first OpenStack Cloud.

James graduated from University of Virginia with a degree in Electrical Engineering and is based in New York.

Hugh Blemings, Executive Director, OpenPOWER Foundation

Hugh Blemings, Board Advisor

Open Source Community Member

Hugh has had a long standing association with Free and Open Source Software, Open Hardware and POWER. His career has spanned everything from Linux kernel development to engineering team management, electronics design to product management at the likes of IBM, Canonical and Rackspace. He has previously served as President on the Council of Linux Australia and on the Linux Foundation’s Technical Advisory Board among other roles.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Hugh served as the Executive Director of the OpenPOWER Foundation from November 2017 to May 2020 and remains passionately involved in the OpenPOWER ecosystem in a voluntary capacity as a Board Advisor an individual contributor.

Gordon MacKean, Board Advisor, Open POWER Foundation

Gordon MacKean, Board Advisor


Gordon retired from Google in 2016 as the Senior Director leading the team responsible for the design and development of the IT infrastructure used in Google datacenters. Gordon is one of the founding members and continues to serve as Board Advisor to OpenPOWER Foundation. He received his degree in Electrical Engineering from Carleton University. During his tenure at Google his team led the introduction of many game changing technologies into Google’s datacenters culminating with the introduction of the Tensor Processing Unit [TPU]. Prior to Google Gordon held a variety of design and leadership roles in network product development with companies including Extreme Networks, Matisse Networks, and Nortel Networks.

Brad McCredie, Board Advisor, OpenPOWER Foundation

Brad McCredie, Board Advisor


Dr. Bradley McCredie is retired from IBM were he worked as Vice President of IBM Power Systems Development and Board Advisor to OpenPOWER Foundation. Brad first joined IBM focusing on packaging for IBM’s mainframe systems. He later took a position within the IBM Power Systems development organization and has since worked in a variety of development and executive roles for POWER-based systems. In his current role, he oversees the development and delivery of IBM Power Systems that incorporate the latest technology advancements to support clients’ changing business needs.