Board of Directors

  • Artem Ikoev, Chair


    Artem Ikoev is co-founder and technology visioner of YADRO Company. Artem serves the role of CTO and he is responsible for company technology strategy and product development. He manages software & hardware engineering and product teams in total of 160+ employees and demonstrates strong leadership and encourages talents for continuous technology disruption. Prior to YADRO Artem held a number of technical & business development positions in international companies with overall 20 years industry experience.

  • Bryan Talik, President


    Bryan Talik is Director of Development, Power Systems at IBM. He is currently responsible for the development, enablement and support of OpenPOWER server design and CAPI acceleration for the worldwide OpenPOWER Ecosystem. Previously, Bryan has held several product development leadership positions in IBM for POWER microprocessors, embedded PowerPC, and ASICs.

  • Maire Mahony, Treasurer


    Maire is a hardware engineering manager at Google and leads a team responsible for development of storage and appliance systems deployed worldwide at Google datacenters. Prior to joining Google, Maire held design lead roles at Sun Microsystems, developing x86 and SPARC based server platforms.

  • Jimmy Zheng, Director

    Inspur Electronics Information Industry Co., Ltd.

    Jimmy Zhang has been working for Inspur about 10 years as a system engineer lead and localized server product manager. With his efforts, Inspur’s first OpenPOWER server product P820 was successful launched and achieved an initial success in China market. Now he is leading the OpenPOWER Server planning team at Inspur and is committed to expanding OpenPOWER market share with partners.

  • Dirk Pleiter, Director


    Prof. Dr. Dirk Pleiter is research group leader at Jülich Supercomputing Centre (JSC) and professor in theoretical physics at University of Regensburg. At JSC he is leading the work on application oriented technology development and is, e.g., principal investigator of the POWER Accelerator and Design Center at Jülich. Dirk has played a leading role in several projects for developing massively-parallel special purpose computers.

  • Bruce Toal, Director


    Mr. Toal is responsible for directing the business operations and solutions development for Micron’s Advanced Computing Solutions and Development group. Based in Allen, TX, his team has been building and delivering high performance computing products over the last 30 years as part of Convex Computer, Hewlett-Packard, Convey Computer, and now Micron.

  • Mike Diamond, Director


    Michael Diamond is Sr. Director of Strategic Marketing at NVIDIA. He was Vice President of Operations for Intensys, a Graphics Processor company, before joining NVIDIA in 2001. Mr. Diamond is a founder of the OpenPower Foundation and serves on its Board of Directors, served as its Vice President and Treasurer, serves on the OpenCAPI and PCI SIG Board of Directors, served on the PC Gaming Alliance Board of Directors, and has authored or co-authored 71 patents. He holds a B.S.E. degree from California State University Northridge, an M.S.M.E. and M.B.A. from the University of Southern California, and attended Executive Management programs at Caltech and MIT-Sloan.

  • Scott Herold, Director

    Red Hat, Inc.

  • Jay Kruemcke, Director


    Jay Kruemcke is a Senior Product Manager at SUSE. As a member of the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server product management team, Jay is responsible for the SUSE Linux server products for IBM Power servers and High-Performance Computing. Jay has built an extensive career in product management based on being a bridge between customers and engineering teams. He has extensive experience in many areas including product positioning, driving future product directions, using social media for client collaboration, and evangelizing the capabilities and future directions of enterprise products. Prior to joining SUSE, Jay had a long career at IBM including many roles in the Power and Cloud Engineering and Offering teams. In addition to his product management experience, Jay has held a variety of technology roles at including product marketing, manager of a technical architecture team, briefing center staff, SAP systems management consultant, and as a system programmer and administrator.

Executive Director

  • Hugh Blemings, Executive Director

    OpenPOWER Foundation

    Hugh has had a long standing association with Free and Open Source Software, Open Hardware and POWER. His career has spanned everything from Linux kernel development to engineering team management, electronics design to product management at the likes of IBM, Canonical and Rackspace. He has previously served as President on the Council of Linux Australia and on the Linux Foundation's Technical Advisory Board. As a full time employee of the OpenPOWER Foundation, Hugh works with the Board of Directors to build the visibility of OpenPOWER Members and their solutions as well as the Foundation itself; grow Foundation membership and engagement and build the OpenPOWER User community and associated ecosystem.

Board Advisors

  • Gordon MacKean, Board Advisor


    Gordon retired from Google in 2016 as the Senior Director leading the team responsible for the design and development of the IT infrastructure used in Google datacenters. Gordon is one of the founding members and continues to serve as Board Advisor to OpenPOWER Foundation. He received his degree in Electrical Engineering from Carleton University. During his tenure at Google his team led the introduction of many game changing technologies into Google's datacenters culminating with the introduction of the Tensor Processing Unit [TPU]. Prior to Google Gordon held a variety of design and leadership roles in network product development with companies including Extreme Networks, Matisse Networks, and Nortel Networks.

  • Brad McCredie, Board Advisor


    Dr. Bradley McCredie is an IBM Fellow, Vice President of IBM Power Systems Development and Board Advisor to OpenPOWER Foundation. Brad first joined IBM focusing on packaging for IBM’s mainframe systems. He later took a position within the IBM Power Systems development organization and has since worked in a variety of development and executive roles for POWER-based systems. In his current role, he oversees the development and delivery of IBM Power Systems that incorporate the latest technology advancements to support clients' changing business needs.