Wistron Corp. – P93D2-2P (MiHawk)


Date Added: June 21, 2018

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Criteria Version: Revision 2.0


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      P93D2-2P (MiHawk) is a 2U2S Power9 server made by Wistron Corporation. With 2 LaGrange processors inside, MiHawk has up to 10 PCIe slots (including 4 of PCIe Gen4 and 6 of PCIe Gen3) and 4 OpenCAPI connectors for I/O throughput. On storage, we provide both LFF/SFF two type drive bays and multiple combination of SAS/SATA/U.2 NVMe for customers to choose. By the high-speed I/O and flexibility features, MiHawk has confidence to fulfill any kind of purpose such as AI, Big Data, and HPC.


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