POWER8 Firmware Released for Development


Date Added: March 24, 2016

OpenPOWER Abstraction Layer (OPAL) Firmware  


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    With 4 years of development and 420,000 lines of code, the Hostboot firmware has been released! Hosted on Github along side Opal (PowerKVM), developers will find the tools and documentation to rebuild the code and bolt on enhancements. Hostboot firmware performs all processor, bus, and memory initialization within POWER® based systems and booting the POWER8 Reference Board to Linux. It prepares the hardware to load and run an appropriate payload and provides runtime services to the payload. The team specifically designed a data driven, easily configurable code stack that will enable OpenPOWER members to design systems around the P8 processor. The firmware teams will be keeping the project very active with new features to follow soon. Join the community and conversation! Github – OpenPOWER