OpenPOWER Foundation Documentation Development Guide


Date Added: April 18, 2017

Revision: 1.1.0

Documentation Development Guide


Level One

  • Technical Resource
  • OpenPOWER WorkGroup

Level Two

  • OpenPOWER Working Groups

Level Three



    The OpenPOWER Foundation documentation template provides a framework for OpenPOWER public and private documentation. The goal of the template and this writeup is to promote community contributions to OpenPOWER documenation and to enable new contributions within a common look and feel.

    The major sections of this document addresses the following topics:

    • Getting started: This section details tools and commands used to contribute to OpenPOWER documentation. All users who are new to OpenPOWER Foundation documentation should start here.
    • Creating a new document: This section provides step-by-step instructions on how to create a new document from scratch. Use this section to start a new document.
    • Modifying an existing document: This section highlights common steps in editing an existing OpenPOWER Foundation document. Use this section as a guideline for contributing to an existing document.
    • Debugging build failures: This section provides examples of the two most common types of build failures and helps users find the relevant failure information.
    • Publishing OpenPOWER Documents: This section explains key document types and the appropriate work flow for publishing OpenPOWER Foundation documents.
    • Understanding the project structure: This section provides detailed descriptions of the various project components and their roles in the documentation creation process.
    • Policies and conventions: This section contains the generally accepted guidelines for creating OpenPOWER documentation. Use this section as a reference for documentation style beyond template provided features.
    • Frequently asked questions: This section answers common questions. Use this section when the other sections do not answer your questions.
    • Common git commands: This section contains examples of commonly used git commands. Reference this section to find information on a specific git operation.
    • Finding more information: This section provides pointers to on-line information about XML, Docbook, Maven, and other relevant references.